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Table of Contents Ephemeris 2014

Parfit's Argument for Universal Acceptance of Rule Consequentialism
Adam Berman (Dickinson College)

“City in Words” – Hermeneutic Analysis of Plato's Republic
Lukas Clark-Memler (University of Otago, NZ)

Simple and Temporal God: A Model of Divine Eternity
Jeffrey Hanes (Northeastern Illinois University)

Art, Ontology and Interpretation:
Samuel Hylwa (Southern Connecticut State University)

A Defense of Okin’s Feminist Critique of Multiculturalism and Group Rights
Jonathan Kim (Whitworth University)

Kurzweil’s Unfermented Wine: Copying Brains and other Speculations
Aaron Nowaczek (Nipissing University)

Perception and Verification
Daniel Pallies (Union College)

Irrational Desires, Akrasia, and the Tripartite Soul
Scott Woods (Pepperdine University)