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Table of Contents Ephemeris 2015

We thank our authors! Note the links lead to the individual papers. The print edition is still available on request on request.

Apologetics and the Historical Deficit
Colin Michael Bodayle (Belmont University)

Pearls and Personal Identity
Daniel Davis (University of York)

Frankfurt Examples: A Step toward Compatibilism?
Michael Durant (Grand Valley State University)

The Implications of Jackson's Knowledge Argument:
Andrew Forte (Union College)

Nietzsche, Nihilism and What to do Next
Madeleine Hyde (University of York)

McGinn's “Can We Solve the Mind-Body Problem?”
Henry Nikogosyan (University of Nevada)

Once More into Plato's Cave
Jacob Ohanian (McMaster University)

Leibniz's Philosophy of Space and Time
Caleb Reidy (Marquette University)